Another crafty pair!

Shoe bling again! I got around to crafting up my black flats last week and thought I'd share them before we get into any of the other hundred 'to-be-posted' projects sitting in my folder.

Every girl needs a pair of black flats in her wardrobe. But I was ready to make these guys a little more special!

After much pondering and confusion over what to use to 'jazz' them up, I settled on up-cycling a pretty old hair clip and adding faceted beads for sparkle. A little hot glue and patience and they were ready to walk out the door! *Thrifty Tip - If you don't have little stashes of crafty goodness for projects like these, head to Diva (el cheapo accessories for those outside of Oz) and see what you can pick up there on the cheap. They often have $5 sales and you can pick up some really pretty bargains that suit projects like these to a T!

              I never realised how hard it is to photograph black until this day....
 So please forgive the multiple yet totally unrelated shoot locations
Lucky for me, our Winter is warming up and I can get out of the house in something other than uggs or boots! In fact, I think I'll wear these pretties today!

Another thrifty, no cost project complete, I am a happy girl!

xo Cassie

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  1. I have been busy with really.. everything so I'm really sorry to not give that great feedbacks etc even though I visit your blog daily (I'm waiting for some updates). ;-)

    Yea it really sucks that shipping cost quite a lot especially if you plan to send something outside of Europe. :-(

    I'm back from my vacation and now I have tons of projects going on. I am also quitting my job in about a week and then I will have plenty of time. :-) I will start working on our playhouse ASAP.