Evolution of the Floating Shelves

I'm back (again)! I haven't gone far, and whilst I haven't been posting, I have still been going about my usual ways, so there is plenty to share! Provided I can sit at this darn computer for longer than 5 minutes without interruption!

One of the biggest folders in my blog 'To Do' pile, is labeled '
Floating Shelves Get Out of Hand', because, well they did. Such is life that random things accumulate where they shouldn't and pretty decorative vignettes (lovely displays of treasured objects) turn into dusty, cluttered collections of stuff!
So for today's post, I'm going to show you the way things got out of hand, and the evolution of the floating shelves over the last few months.

Although the basics of my last display effort were intact, there were random things that had been dumped 'temporarily' on their way to their real home.

Some confiscated toys from B4 and spray paint waiting to be used sit amongst the treasures. The dead flowers in the jar are inexcusable!! If there is nothing better than fresh flowers, then there is certainly nothing worse than dead flowers on display!

A little bit of paperwork and another toy, oh and have I mentioned I have a little OCD when it comes to straightening things up? So that pencil case and the CD cover are not pleasing my eye at all!

Then, with just a little TLC, the shelves start looking much better! You can play Spot The Difference with the next 2 images, because once I started rearranging,  I just couldn't leave well enough alone....

Three extra trinkets have snuck in....

Bringing something out of the shadows.... When I'm taking photos of my home, I see things in the images that I don't see with my own eyes, like the frame tree which was in shadow in the previous shot. This can be a great tool in perfecting your own decor.

Everything in place and dust free.

I love this! It's a little wooden paintbrush, that I haven't dared to use for fear of it being ruined! But now that I think of it, a dip of paint on it's bushy 'tail' might be perfect!

A little rearranging on the bottom shelf sees my Shape Shifter displaying a Lego block (I have lots of fun scouring the house in search of a new object to imprint), and some beautiful vintage buttons that my lovely Mum bought for me.

A book for anybody who has a little trouble getting rid of their stuff,  Corinne Grant 'Lessons in Letting Go.

My little blue bargain bowls are put to use. Well one of them is anyway..

And then, in the blink of an eye, the floating shelves get another facelift!

Pops of yellow brighten up the display, and the occasional hint of red sneaks in. I would never have imagined that I would decorate with primary colours, but maybe turquoise doesn't count?!

That pesky can of white paint gave a facelift to a few things I had lying around, and tied them in with the white scroll stools.

Pretty details: The kimono fabric frame, crocheted doily, candle holder (holding blue faux flowers) and the framed butterfly print were all found in op shops. The bird was a gift from my mum (gosh she's lovely!) and the other candle holder and blue flowers were reduced items from Diva and Sussan. Who'd have thought I'd find a pretty and cheap candle holder in a women's fashion store?!? *Thrifty Tip-Look in unlikely places for special treaures!

An interesting and bold print shell from my Mum's shop adds interest to a vignette of favourite things.

Yes, those birds are still taking over my house! The Shape Shifter has shifted shapes..

Another treasure from Flights of Fancy, a metal dragonfly. He also got a facelift with some white paint.

I could not believe my luck when I spotted these limited edition Easter M&M's at my local supermarket, perfect colours for our house!!

I had to start topping up with normal M&M's when the pretty turquoise ones ran out ;o)

The photo albums were found at a local discount store, Sam's Warehouse, and I picked up the Frame Tree at a school market. I absolutely love my yellow ornate frames, they stand out from the brick wall and make the whole place feel cheery and bright!

In this little perfume bottle you will usually find little purple weeds flowers that B4 picks for me almost every time he goes outside, but this day it held a pretty feather instead.

Argh, I just LOVE these vintage buttons! I don't think I will ever be able to use them though, they're lovely just as they are!

I wish I had more of these jars to hang from the facure on our verandah, but they look just fine here :o)

Some things were meant to be, like this tin. The colours are some kind of wonderful!

One of my favourite comments from visitors to our home is 'I love how different it is every time I come around and there's always something new to explore!'. I am constantly changing the displays in our home, sometimes to accommodate a new treasure, or just because I am tired of dusting the same old things!

Style will always evolve over time, and the more you play with your displays, the better you will get at putting them together. Why don't you have a go at creating a vignette of your favourite things, or refreshing a tired display? If nothing else, it might inspire you to dust a couple of things ;o)

xo Cassie


  1. I really love shelves because you can change what you have on them depending on mood and so on. I actually received a few from my mum which I am going to use in our kids room when that time is coming. ;-)

    I really love all the turquoise details! As you might know I'm a sucker for that colour. ;-)

  2. Cass! I cant find you on facebook and I miss the blogs!


    -Frankly F.