Sunny Side Up Please!

I suppose I should stop adding images to my Pinterest  long enough to do a little post! I just created a new board, 'My Personalised Ikea Catalogue' where I am adding all of the items I plan to acquire for our home, such fun to shop without spending any money ;o)

I love posting my projects, but it is always so time consuming and I get frustrated with time-sucking-technology more frequently everyday!

But today, I want to show you the new colour creeping into my home (and threatening to take over my penchant for Turquoise!).

I picked up this little birdie at Typo on my last visit. At $2, he was a steal!

But he needed some colour, and after rifling through my paint collection, I settled on this yellow :o)

I instantly feel happy looking at my little yellow birdie, and he was just the beginning of a new love affair with sunny tones!

Who doesn't love ornate frames?

I had filled these two frames with prints off an old surf tee. I'd held on to the tee for years because of the print, but not the style. One day I got somewhat ruthless, and decided the top had to go. But not before I salvaged the whimsical deers! I love that they have a soft texture to contrast with the cold metal frame, but with sunshine on the mind, I thought I could warm the frames up a bit too!

I like to keep the price on some of my thrifts, because even though it might seem strange or tacky to some, I like to remember where I got them and for how much. I protected the deers by shoving some paper into the frame, and got started...

Now while I am sure that some primer and spray paint would have been far more suitable for these metal frames, I didn't really want to head out and spend any money, so I went with the acrylic paint I already had, keeping in mind that if soaked in water, I can remove this paint fairly easily for future projects.

Already looking bright and cheerful!

It took quite a few coats after this to get the finish to an acceptable standard, but imperfection is a price I'm willing to pay!

Oops. B4 really shouldn't leave his toys grey goat lying around, tsk tsk!

Ta Da! I'm in sunshiney love! I heart that the deers stand out even more now, and the frames certainly POP out from the brickwork wall.

Also, inspired by my lovely new blogworld friend Johanna (she actually inspired me to paint everything in sight after I saw some of her home projects) , I painted this little jar for a unique candle holder :o) I may have painted it because it was the only other thing I could get my hands on at the time...

You'll have to wait a little while to see how the floating shelves look now, with this fresh splash of colour, but while you're waiting why not pick up some paint and give something in your home a fresh coat. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes, and like me, you might find yourself falling in love with a new hue!

xo Cassie


  1. Everything looks great! I totally fell in love with the frames. They really stand out!

    I should do a few painting projects as soon as I have the time. This week I work 5 days x11 hours so I do not have that much spare time. BUT next week I'll have more days off so it's just to hang in there. ;-)

    Wish you a lovely Monday Cassie!

  2. Thank you Johanna! For the compliments, AND the inspiration ;o)

    Wow, you have a super busy week ahead! You will have to hold on tightly to the memories of your holiday while you are working hard! But hey, at least you are working in a place filled with lovely things right!

    I was looking at dressing rooms and wardrobes online today, and imagining that you could one day do something wonderful in your big closet! I'd love to see that ;oP

  3. I can absolutely show you my closet or something. It's quite structured and quite boring. But I don't know what to add? But I could absolutely take a few pics maybe tomorrow?

    I have published a few pics from our house. We really need to paint it (I vote for light blue or white) but we are going to do that next year. :-/

  4. I used to be so much better at the writing part (English) but now when I mix 3 languages daily I sometimes wonder which language I really speak/write (Norwegian and Swedish are similar languages but still quite different).

    Yes the house really need to be fixed. But this summer we are going to do some heavy work at the front (make the ground lower) or how to say it lol! So that will cost quite a lot of money so that's why we will drop the painting this year.