Quicker than you can say "You're showing us your Lingerie drawer?!"

It's yet another drawer overhaul, because, not including the ones in the garage, there are 28 drawers in this house, and possibly more in yours! No matter how organised I am getting, I can walk into any room of the house right now and find a drawer that needs sprucing up, and so, here you have another drawer post. And this one actually has my drawers in it!

Some may be horrified to see that I am sharing this particular drawer with the blogworld, but honestly, it would take quite an imagination to get them from the little folded scraps of fabric that you're about to see to the image my Hubs may be be able to conjure up. So without further ado, here is a super fast overhaul on a couple of my 'Drawer Drawers'....

I am lucky enough to have a partner that likes to buy me pretty things, but I wasn't really trying very hard to make them look good in the drawer. Apart from aesthetics, it wasn't a great way to be storing some of the more delicate items like pantyhose and lace, as they could easily snag on the inside of the drawer.

So I grabbed some leftover containers from the pack I bought at Ikea (I had already started using one here) and sorted things out. Pantyhose slightly squished into one, spare straps into another, and other special pieces into yet another. The rest of the bits and bobs got folded and placed neatly in the gaps. Much more protected and easy on the eye ;o)

Now, the swimwear drawer. Something I don't see a lot of in the winter months, but that's no reason to leave it in a jumbled heap!

Another container corals those pesky straps, bikinis are paired up and folded, and my beach skirt is knotted back up to maintain it's pretty crumpled effect.


Go on, you know there's a drawer waiting for you, all it needs is a minute of your time.....

xo Cassie


  1. I think that the laundry room will be great and to have stuff organized is really important. Especially if you have a big house with stuff going on. I hate to not have control of things like not knowing where I have things.

    I really hope that I will be done in a few weeks but at the moment I work a lot so we'll see when I have a little time off. :-)

  2. Yes, that's the color! I love it but I have no clue when I will be able to start painting. I was suppose to work today +tomorrow but I have the worst flu ever!!! So I don't know if I will have the energy to start during the weekend since I work on Saturday. :-/ But I hope to start next week!