Media {Organising} Frenzy!

I'm back. Sorry about that. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and what I had to do did not involve blogging. But I'm back, and we can all pretend that that ginormous gap in proceedings didn't really happen, right? Good. Just don't check the dates on my posts.

Now, I do have a few little posts up my sleeve after a serious day of catching up, but I didn't think it was fair to welcome you back with a little drawer overhaul, or quick thrift. So instead I'm going to share a project I'm rather proud of, and I'm even going to break my personal rule of not showing a project until it's finished, because I can't wait any longer really.

Some time ago now, I read Jen's Media Mania post over at I Heart Organizing where she showed us how she stores her discs. I was inspired to do something about our cumbersome black media folders, and although it took a little time to find the right solution just for us, once I found it I was excited to start!

On a trip to the Reject Shop (the same time and place I found my fabulous birdcages!) I scored these disc sleeves and storage boxes. All up, $18! Pretty sweet when you consider some media storage would set you back at least that per box.

This is where everything was being stored; two huge disc folders that I couldn't really find a place to hide, and one media box for the photo discs we've accumulated. I was pretty happy back in the day when I got ruthless and turfed all of the plastic cases and put them into the folders, but after years of lugging the folders around, I was ready for something far better!

Disc 1, done (He is such a funny man).

Only a couple of hundred left to go...

The process started off slow, fiddly and confusing.

But before long, I picked up the pace and was able to start making alphabetic piles.

And then, all of the movies were done! Hoorah! Looking so neat, and far less cumbersome.

But, to be honest, I got bored of it all pretty quickly. So after another week or two, I got my supplies back out of the garage and picked up where I left off with the music and photos. With all of the sorting finally done, I got to move onto to 'prettying' it all up, as you I do.

Enter my super cheap, super yummy Easter Egg packaging. Well, I mean, the egg was yummy, duh. *Thrifty Tip Come Easter time, just buy enough chocolate to get you through an Easter Egg hunt with the littlies if you have them, and then save the gorging for the post Easter mark downs!

The box for my egg was just too lovely to discard, and I love to thrift packaging. They spent all the time and money making it pretty, why chuck it out?!

So I salvaged the bits worth keeping, and planned my attack.

Pretty patterned paper....

Ugly stock standard label.....do you see where I'm going with this?

Yeah you do. Template it up baby!

Perfectly pretty.

Now, I am lucky enough to have a super talented mother (check out her blog here, she's got lots of that talent that she's willing to share), who was a super talented Graphic Artist at one point and still has a few of the old supplies laying around. Being an only child, I scored her rare Letraset collection when she was ready to part with it, and it just happened to be perfect for this project (and for a girl who doesn't own a printer).

If you aren't familiar with Letraset, basically, you rub/transfer each letter on piece by piece. Some might say, tedious? But I really love the effect, and if you've read my Laundry Makeover post, you already know that I prefer hand stitching to machine sewing! Some things in life are best kept simple :o)

Fabulous fit!

 Don't those little labels just pop!

Very chuffed with myself, as if you didn't know.

All so neat and tidy. Now I have got the option of filling out the great Movie Inventory list I downloaded during Jen's free printables month, to organise these discs even more, but for now I am perfectly happy to flip through at my leisure and save inventory for another rainy day...
xo Cassie

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