These are a few of my favourite things...

It's the little things around this house that really make it our home. The special trinkets, heirlooms, thrifted finds, treasured gifts and crafty creations all have their place, and no matter how many times I avoid curse the dusting, I wouldn't be without them, and I will NEVER do minimalist.

These are a few of the pieces that I am hearting in our home right now!

This little vignette of bottles hold some little travel treasures- Sand from beautiful Lake Mackenzie at Fraser Island where my in-laws own some property, we love to visit every Christmas. Some shells from a beach at Agnes Waters where we holidayed last year with some special friends, and some broken windscreen glass I spotted on the road at Stradbroke Island. The glass is kind of random, but it's such a pretty colour that I couldn't resist. It was nice to make something beautiful out of what must have been a negative experience for the person who's window was shattered. The vintage cotton reel was found in an op-shop.

And hidden inside this bottle ( a vintage hair tonic bottle found when digging up to lay the foundations for our home) is a little quote that I cut from some packaging.

Always remember this!

This beautiful clock belonged to Hub's Pop, and I think it is really beautiful. Resting on it is a brooch given to my mum by her nephew, and later used on the headpiece I created with my Mum for my wedding.

One of my favourite parts of the wedding planning was creating handmade pieces with my Mum (and sometimes Dad) each week.

You've seen this tin before in this post, I found it on an Op-shop excursion, and still can't decide if the clown is creepy or lovely! I love it anyway.

Vintage tins have such wonderful colours.

The perfect hideaway for things that B4 can't touch!

A thrifted ornate frame holds the poem Desiderata by Max Erhmann. Hubs had this tacked on his bedroom wall when I met him, and I had never read something so beautiful before. It is another little piece of why I love him, and so it seemed fitting to have Desiderata read during our wedding ceremony.

Words to live by.

A thrifted frame. I did have plans to paint it and remove the botanical silk, but it grew on me :o)

A favourite gift from Hubs, such a cheery set!

The little cups are kind of ridiculous in size, but on occasion, I have sat and refilled them 1 billion times just to enjoy a colourful cup of tea!

This precious tiny bird cage is from my dear friend Ali. She knows my bird obsession fascination well.

Speaking of birds....

Something found, a nest from some pesky Myna birds in our backyard. My own little Bower Bird collection of my handmade headpieces, clips and some gifted Quail eggs from another dear friend, Sammi, who also knows of the 'Bird Thing'.

In this vase you'll find some left over party fun from last years Girl's Night In Breast-Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. I host one every year for a few close friends and I have a LOT of fun creating the decor and theme. A post on that soon perhaps?

I love freebies! This darling laundry bag was an added bonus to a Sussan purchase last year.

I like to use it for packing special shoes for holiday trips.

Though Mother's Day is long gone (and Father's Day fast approaching) I love looking at this special, 1st ever Mother's Day card from Hubs and B4.

I am told that B4's imagination was behind the concertina heart, and with a little practice, he hand wrote his signature. I can't wait for my first entirely B4 card!

A reminder.

Another reminder. Sometimes it's okay not to have everything prepared and perfect before launching into a new project.

The most stunning sugar bowl I've ever laid eyes on! I keep a few of my rings in here. Thank you Ali, you spoil me!

I think that the trick to displaying your treasured trinkets is to mix them up with a little of the old and the new. I also keep stashes of things to rotate and refresh and I regularly reconsider things I may be keeping 'just because'. Perhaps I should dub this the '4 R's' of trinket display!

After all, how many candle votifs does one girl need?? If you try to display everything at once, you could end up with a cluttered home as opposed to an interesting one.

I look forward to sharing more of my favourite things with you in the future, goodness knows there are hundreds more!! What are your 3 most favourite things? Are they hidden away in a box, or out for the world to see?

xo Cassie

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