Hello Blossoms!

I just had to share with you some more of the thrifty blossoms that have popped up around our home of late! I shared my love of pretty 'weeds' and bargain flowers once before here, and the fascination with flora hasn't stopped. Sometimes I find them on a stroll around the yard or on the way up the driveway to check the mail. My favourites are the ones that B4 gives me, while saying matter-of-factly " Mummy, I picked this flower for you, because I love you." *Melt*

Yellow and turquoise make me smile. I don't think a happier colour partnership exists!

Because he loves me.

Miniature perfume bottles are perfect for a single bud.

Bringing a little sunshine inside.

Another day, another weed. There must be a prettier word for these fuzzy lilac pompoms!

After the first snap, I thought the arrangement needed a little *POP*, so back out to the yard I went for some fuchsia buds. It just so happened that the arrangement took on a heart shape!

So pretty, I can just imagine that this is a coral arrangement under the sea!

A nice little spot on our bedroom water station for this lovely bunch.
This precious weed was a find! On a little stroll up the back yard with Hubs to have some respite from an obnoxious delightful B4, I found this divine bunch rising from the dirt. They closed up pretty quickly once inside, but I managed to snap a couple of shots on our fresh new table setting before they said goodnight.

Like pretty pink stars they just burst out out you! I haven't managed to find another bunch, these are mysterious little ones..

 I wonder what I'll find tomorrow when I walk up the drive......

xo Cassie


  1. BAUTIFUL! I'm off to my favourite thrift store which have opened again (have been closed all sumemr). Can't wait to bring home bargains! Now when we have a new car we are able to bring home "bigger" stuff too. :-)

  2. Thanks Johanna! I wish I could come thrift shopping with you, we would find some amazing treasures I'm sure ;o)