Who's a pretty Birdie? Cage.

When I tell you about treasures I bought on a recent shopping trip, and then the post about said treasures doesn't come up until a month after the shopping trip, I get a little miffed with myself.

But if it's all the same to you, we'll pretend that this all happened yesterday and just couldn't wait to share my finds with you....ahem.

Upon returning home 'yesterday', I had somehow acquired a boot full of bags.... It was probably one of the most successful shopping trips I have had in a while, with lots of things on my 'Need It' list being ticked off. You know the list right? The one that has all those things you keep forgetting to buy on your weekly shop, like nail files, or a new duster. Lucky me, I had managed to find everything from dusters, to Winter boots, to storage, to......Bird Cages?

Okay, so maybe they weren't on the list. But hey, in case you hadn't noticed, I love me some birds and cages!. $20 down from $30 for the large cage...

$10 for the small cage. I have never seen such cheap, beautiful cages, and I wasn't about to let them stay in a place called 'The Reject Shop'. How could any body reject these?!?!

I wasn't entirely sure what to do with them, but I was pretty sure they weren't going to be used for planters, as I'm not really a fan of creeping plants and couldn't imagine what other plant I could put in them. So I put them in the bedroom instead, and waited for an idea to hit me.

Within a few weeks hours ;o), I started to fill them up with some of my bedroom treasures!

Some of my girlier, frillier possessions had previously seemed lost in our fresh and vibrant bedroom...

Really, they were things that had no where else to go, and nothing better to do than perch on a blanket inside a magazine holder.

But now, they have their very own special home, and don't seem so lost anymore!

I don't have bookshelves per se as I don't own a lot of books, but I do have some super special books that need to be seen, so this was the perfect solution!

I have an extra special friend who buys me extra special books, and even lends me some of her precious's! So I am keeping them safely in here until I can bear to give them back!!

This little hat clip is a lovely gift from another beautiful friend! I am so lucky :oD

If you haven't heard of Michi Girl, get over to her site NOW. She is wonderfully blunt, artistically brilliant and ridiculously funny.  Her encyclopedia of fashion terms, 'What on earth are you wearing' contains such gems as "Box Pleat - A neatly folded Vagina" and "Handbag - A sack generally costing more than it's contents". Thank you Kirsti for entrusting some of your favourites to me, I promise you'll have them back soon!

So, is it time I stopped buying birds and cages? Really? Because I just can't seem to help it. There are a lot of them I have had to leave behind in shops, because they simply aren't budget friendly. But good things come to those who thrift, and I'm managing to feed my addiction without breaking the bank. Those of you with beady little eyes, and who enlarged the car boot image, may have seen more bird cage items....but you'll have to wait another month couple of days to see where I put those!

Birds, Branches, Butterflies...they've all been a favourite of mine at one time or another. Have you got an addiction to a particular object or image that you just can't resist?

xo Cassie


  1. OMG I totally love these bird cages!

    Yes you had a really good point and I really think I will end up doing as you suggested. Thank you for that!

    I just need to add that I love getting comments from you. They really make my day!

  2. Me too!!
    I tried to comment on your Himla post today, but it wouldn't let me :o( I love the napkin rings, they are so fresh!