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My goodness, doesn't time just run away from you! It's been four days since I have been able to put aside some quality self indulgence blogging time! And I must say, I really missed it! 
Since starting SheThrifts, I've been really focusing on my personal goals, and the energy I'm putting in is paying off in more ways than I could have imagined! I've had a surge of requests from my nearest and dearest, for Decluttering help, Decor makeovers and handmade treasures that have got me absolutely buzzing with ideas and blushing with honour! I get such a kick out of all of it, so thank you to everyone supporting me, you're the best inspiration a girl could have!

Anyway, today I started my morning off with my favourite,  Stockholm tea (thanks to a gorgeous girlfriend) and I'm ready for another post, how about you?!

We've been spending a lot of time in the bedroom lately reow! So on that note, I'd like to share with you a little decluttering and reorganising I did in my bedside table this week.

Looking at this pic, things weren't too bad really. But there was a lot of unnecessary stuff, and stuff that was there, simply because I had 'forgotten' about it. It was all mixed in with absolutely necessary stuff, and just plain lovely stuff. So, it was time I got this STUFF sorted!

In case you were wondering, this is one of the notes from my collection of Hen's Night advice cards, I keep it here to remind me to give Hubs a break every once in a while!

I ended up starting on the things stored in the shelf underneath, because I would need somewhere to put the things I would be purging from the drawer...

My trio of gorgeous orange nesting boxes were not being used to their full potential. I knew that two of them were sitting empty! What a waste! This first little one was being used for useless old receipts, so in went some things I'd had to take out of the dresser last week (to fit in my newly organised Jewellery draw)..

...my little collection of hankies, topped with the most precious, my Grandpa's monogram hanky. I intended to carry it on my wedding day, but sadly it got buried in the haste of preparations. Luckily my Aunty came through for me at the very last moment with his Signet ring so that he was with me on my special day.
Miss you Grandpa!

My jewellery cloths were previously kept in one of the Maple Leaf boxes in my top drawer, but they were awkward to retrieve in a rush, and although I love the texture of these boxes, they are not my colours anymore. I have tucked them away for a future project or gift.
Now the cloths are neat and tidy, and easy to reach in a hurry, which is usually the manner in which I polish my bling!

The largest box now stores some of my precious keepsakes - I used to find these little sweet notes from Hubs every morning in the early years of our relationship, and although it's been a few years since he left me one (probably best for our trees!), I get the same buzz just looking at the dozens I've kept.

There's a Happiness Kit from my Granny that makes me smile.

And a beautiful poem written by my Nan the year I was born.
Happy with my nesting boxes, I got stuck back into the drawer, and this is how it looks now! I used some handwoven baskets (previously seen in my laundry shelves holding next to nothing!) to corral my things, and found a place for some of the items that were homeless after being kicked out of the new jewellery drawer!

I absolutely love flowers and blossom accessories, and these dark beauties had been longing for a home of their own! The best bit is, there is plenty of room for my collection to grow!

All of my necessities went into another basket, and OMG, they just happened to match! I always have Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment handy, because it fixes everything! I have a tube in my handbag, a big tub that gets carted around the house and another tube that stays in this draw, ALWAYS! I also need a lighter handy because I am mad for candles! Tucked behind this basket is the box of Notecards I received from my girlfriends and family on my Hen's night, and my occasional journal, saved for deep thoughts in the middle of the night.

After all that was done I decided to do one more tiny little project before I stopped for the day - I had bought these great new acrylic containers from Ikea on a recent shopping trip, but hadn't actually found a use for them yet (don't tell hubs!). But after madly searching for the right convertable bra straps only days earlier, I knew it was time for a purge, and this would be the perfect container to put them in after!

How many straps does one girl need??!! I sorted them into matching piles, and set about figuring out which ones to keep. The brand new, unopened packets went into my craft box for future hair band projects (always think before you toss!), while the mismatched or braless straps were tossed altogether.

In the end I only kept what would fit in the new container, and hopefully next time I need straps in a hurry, I won't end up with them strewn from one end of the room to the next!

So what random things are you keeping in your bedside drawer? It can be a real magnet zone for useless objects and things that simply deserve a better home! If you want a restful sleep, consider clearing your table (and room for that matter) of anything that does not help you sleep better at night.

As I would say to B4, "Sweet dreams, I'll see you in the morning."

xo Cassie

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