She Blossoms

At the risk of a corny title, I had to post about my love of flowers! I rarely have the cashola to buy them fresh, and Hubs is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to flora gifts. But when I manage to nab some at a bargain price, or on a rare occasion where Hubs comes through with the goods, I love playing around with different arrangements and seeing the way they breathe life into our home...

A Valentine treat from Hubs, bought under duress because he knows how much I love fresh flowers. I was so in love with the subtle pink hue of the petals, and the tiny hint of green around the black centres.

The simplicity of a flower in a jar is perfection. Who needs vases?

And after a few of them got a little sad looking...

...they were shortened and popped into my favourite little turquiose jars.


When fresh flowers aren't on the cards, I love to hunt down a pretty weed!
I had been saving this little perfume bottle for this very purpose!

It has been very rainy and gloomy lately so the colours in this snap aren't fab, but the flowers are!

Heading to a friend's place for dinner, I wanted to give a little something to the lady of the house, so I tied together 4 jars of varying sizes and wrapped them in string (jars+string=match made in heaven) and then set about arranging these colourful blooms in a pleasing way.

Green flowers make so much sense!

Petals are so tactile, it's a shame that they bruise on contact :o(

The centres of these pink flowers were coordinated perfectly with the green flowers. Oh how I wish I knew their names!

Perfect textures and colours!

If fresh flowers are out of your price range too, then grab yourself and old jam jar or perfume bottle, and get hunting for a pretty weed, they are highly under-estimated as things of beauty!

Oh and since seeing quite a few 'faux flowers' gracing my favourite blog homes of late, I am almost ready to give them a chance in my own home, and I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. They really have come a long way from the musty and dusty arrangements of the past!

xo Cassie

P.S. To Mum and Dad, I still love being your 'Blossie'.

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  1. I have very fond memories of a little girl who always brought me flowers...even if she did get into trouble from dad for beheading and sometimes uprooting his plants....lol....she didn't stop though...and she still makes me smile - that little girl