A beautiful blue thrift!

I have been taking it easy over the weekend, recovering from my flu and resting up as much as possible. This has included staying away from the timesucker computer, so I'm sorry that the blog has been so quiet!

I had better show you a little thrift before you give up and She Thrifts gets lost in the depths of your bookmarked pages ;o)

I found these lovelies in an RSPCA op shop, and just couldn't leave them amongst the junk any longer!

Even on a day when funds were super low, I managed to thrift some new accessories!

The interesting etchings really sold them.

I wonder what they held? Some kind of oil perhaps...

They are such a gorgeous blue, and are the perfect weight for flowers.

I really wish I hadn't left this guy behind. For $5, he was in pretty good condition and certainly had project possibilities! Oh well, can't buy them all!

I love acquiring thrifty finds that I am unlikely to seen in just any home. I mean, we all love Ikea, but that's the problem isn't it?!? We ALL love it, so we all end up with the same things in our home. I think it's important to balance out generic items with your own treasures. Have fun with it!

Have you had any thrifty finds lately that you'd like to share?


  1. Lovely finds! Both the eiffel tower +the horse are thrift store finds. Love to find those special things to make your home personal.

    Hope that you recover soon!!!

    I am staying in Sweden for a week so I guess that I will be a little bit homesick in a few days. I already miss my house. ;-)

  2. Oh wow, such lucky finds Johanna! Some days thrift stores are full of treasures, and other days, it's just junk!

    I am already starting to feel much better, thank you :o)

    I would love to swap countries with you for a week, just to explore the thrift stores, because I bet for both of us, the treasures would be more exotic and special than in our own country!

    <3 It is so lovely to exchange notes and blogs with you <3

  3. Yeah, I agree with you! It's all about getting used to the new things and eventually you'll be OK with it. The water in Scandinavia is actually very clean and good, but I've never been a huge fan. I feel so much healthier now when I'm detoxing and I'm not really craving the diet coke anymore... and I do NOT miss all the cans and empty bottles that would fill up the garbage bin soooo fast! :-)

    Ikea is great and has a lot of smart solutions, but just like you said: the stores can be found all over the world and people love taking after the showrooms = the homes with the items don't feel very personal anymore! I would say Sweden is extreme when it comes to Ikea (people would love to ONLY shop Ikea stuff), that's why I'm avoiding it as much as I can! :-)

    Hope you'll feel better soon & have a great Wednesday! - Jannica

  4. Thanks Jannica! I am having a very productive Wednesday, especially after visiting OhSoGlam and PassionForPoison today ;o) Hearing about your decorating with Johanna made me want to make my house feel fresh again. It has been raining here for a week, but finally the sun is out so I am cleaning everything and letting the sun shine in! But oh, there is SO MUCH to do!