Makeup Station Make Over!

Yesterday morning, I sat down at the computer, ready to bust out a multitude of posts to feed out over the next week. I was feeling pretty darn motivated, and knew that I had at least 5 uninterrupted hours to dedicate to She Thrifts before Hubs and B4 were back in the house, causing utter chaos me to be slightly distracted. So I got myself set up with a cuppa, and finally stopped Face Stalking Booking long enough to log into my Blogger account.

Blogger was down. Down and out for the WHOLE DAY. I know I'm not alone, everybody across the Blogspot world was in the exact same position. Maintenance had to be done, of course we want glitches fixed. But being unable to post anything new left me feeling particularly guilty, as I recently met some new Blog friends, and had suggested they drop by soon to see my latest projects. It's now been 4 days since my last post, and though it may not be the end of your world, I do like to post regularly. A stagnant blog does nothing for inspiration :o(

Anyway, I'm back! Blogspot is back to rights again, and although I may not be able to pump out more than one post today, I wanted to make sure it was one that you might have been waiting for...

I've been dropping little hints about a my makeup station needing a revamp, especially since my Wardrobe Overhaul, and I finally got it done! As always, I find my brain still ticking over today, pondering on ways to make it even better, but let's face it, if I made you all wait until I felt a project was completely done before sharing it, this blog would be empty.

So here's what I did to make over my makeup station!

You last saw it looking like this. Easy to see everything, and, well, easy to see everything. I am known to use the term 'aesthetically pleasing' at least once a day, and this set up was not pleasing my eyes at all. It was really easy to find everything and I really do like acrylic organisers, but it was just too much of a shamble visually.
After the relative success of my bathroom drawer liners, I wanted to experiment with a little 'wallpapering'. So again, I grabbed what I already had even if it wasn't perfect, and got to work.

These 'glue dots' (sticky dots, easy to remove) were left over from my wedding invitations, and I thought they would work well for this project. The little dispenser makes light work of any project, so I was glad I already had it on hand.

After measuring and cutting the paper, I ran the glue dots along the edges of my 'wall', and pressed the paper onto them, keeping the paper tight and smooth as I went along. It was easier than I had expected, and the glue dots held really well.

I Ummed and Ahhed over whether to do the back 'wall' for a while, and as you can see, I eventually decided it was definitely a must. I did wonder about the 'ceiling', but decided I might begin to experience some vertigo if there were any more dots in one small space. So it remains plain, but I'd like to add some push lights so that this shelf can be lit at night.
I told you I would try out some faux flowers, and I was pretty pleased with the effect.
I love these little glass jars for all of my bits and bobs. Funnily enough, the candle jars I bought for this project were quite hard to open and close on a regular basis. So I went hunting for some other jars in my collection, and found some that would loosely fit the lids from the candle jars. I got the same look, with a lot less frustration come time to grab a cotton bud!
Looking much less cluttered, but still missing that 'something'...
Seems like a big bowl for just a couple of hair elastics...

...but look now! I have been dying to get some stripes into my decor, and my wardrobe! So when I found these stripey bowls at Kmart, I was over the moon! You'll see the other one in a future post. How cute does the hairspray can look with the flowers and the bowl?!
The elastics are hidden from view, but easy to grab, and my flowers *Pop* even more with such a contrasting vessel.

Ta DA!!! Just looking at this pic right now, I want to put a strip of paper/fabric along the front of the acrylic organiser, to help the aesthetics even more. I'll let you know what I do ;o) But overall, I am super happy with the transformation!!!

I have three types of bobby pins I use daily, and they are perfectly corralled here with my other cosmetics and tools.

All of my daily make up fits in here, and you can see one of my THREE tubes of pawpaw ointment hiding up the back. Pawpaw ointment is like my Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference), so I have one in my bedside, my handbag and my makeup station, with an extra tub that gets moved around the place as needed. You know those, "If you were stuck on an island with only three items, what would would they be?" questions? Well, now you know my answer.

This glass vase has worked well for holding my brushes and headbands, so I kept it the same. If it were visible from the front, I might cover it with some paper too!

All of my Must Have bottles that look a little less pretty, got chucked into this basket. Easy to grab, easy on the eye!

 So a little Before vs. After action....
Ta DA!!

My eyes are officially pleased!

How about yours? Can you see any more improvements I could make? I am addicted to improvements, and love to hear feedback on my projects!

I can't wait to share some more with you, so stay tuned for Painting Things, Thrifty Finds and heaps more to come!

xo Cassie


  1. Looks great!!! :-)

    Tank you so much! It's not a dream "dream" job but a really nice job if you want to work with interior in the future. I am seeing myself working as a stylist or something when I "get older". But it's really a great way to start here.

    The walls are more beige/sand colored. I would prefer white walls but they were painted before I moved in :-/.

  2. Aw, well they look lovely in that photo ;o)

    I know what you mean about the dream 'dream' job, but the main thing is you are heading directly towards what you really want in the future. That's what my blog is about for me :o)

  3. Great makeover for your make up! The pink hairspray can looked great with the flowers.

  4. Thank you Orange Blossom! I love it when things just 'go' together by accident!