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Just before my hectic weekend, I had a lovely email 'chat' with a fellow young mumma who is trying to get her life organised and streamlined, and it was a real pleasure to get to know a little more about one of my dedicated followers. 

She has her hands full with two little ones, a job, study and a household to run with her partner, and I am so impressed by her dedication to get things running smoothly for herself and her growing family. Any mum that can work, study and run a household deserves the utmost respect and admiration. Any one of those things on their own is an unrelenting drain on the mind and body. 

But Tegan is doing great things to get on track, and she sent me these pictures of some high traffic, clutter magnets in her home, that she just had to attack after reading some of my earlier posts. I am super chuffed to be the inspiration behind a little blitz like this!

Who hasn't got a clutter magnet hidden somewhere around their computer area?! Everyone in the family drops a little something on the desk with each visit, random printouts lay forgotten, bills are out ready for online banking etc. My favourite Decluttering Guru Peter Walsh is known to say "Once you have stuff on your flat surfaces, you are starting to lose the battle with clutter." So if you want to bust that clutter, get your flat surfaces clear of all the unnecessary STUFF! That's exactly what Tegan did, and this is how it looked after she worked her magic....

Just how you would want your desk to look! Nothing on that desk is unrelated to the space, and yet Tegan still keeps it personal by displaying her pictures and pinboard up on the wall where they can make her smile!

Next on Tegan's hit list was this hutch by her front door. Tegan explained to me that this hutch belongs to the owner of the property they rent, so the hutch stays where it is whether they love it or not! Luckily Tegan and her family are moving very soon, so they don't have to live with it much longer, but that didn't mean that it had to stay that way till moving day.....

As B4 would say "Holy Moley!" I have honestly never seen a difference this big in any decluttering project, and I was blown away with what Tegan was able to remove from this space. Almost all of the items had a proper home elsewhere, and that's where they went! My favourite part; the family sunnies lined up in row, too cute!

If you've been inspired after having a look at one of my projects, and whip out your camera (hopefully in time for the 'before's) and take some snaps of your own project, and send me an email of the results, I love featuring my Inspired Readers, you guys make my decluttering-world go around!

xo Cassie

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  1. I purchased the poster through Etsy, from the love shop(http://www.etsy.com/shop/theloveshop). They have many fun posters, so make sure to check it out!

    I'm such an Etsy addict, but I'm simply amazed by the numbers of talented people who are out there, and I love supporting private business! So I keep shopping without feeling too guilty! :-)