FREEDOM! Oh, and an Inspired Reader!

YAHOOOOOOOO! Freedom, freedom, FREEDOM! *Insert Happy Dance here*

In case you hadn't noticed, we've just had Easter and the holidays that come with it. I have had a lovely time with B4. Actually more lovely than I could have ever imagined in my wildest of dreams. We found a new, deeper bond, shared stories (this age is fabulous for real conversations with children), had oodles of fun and more cuddles than I could keep track of. He openly told random shop keepers that 'Mummy is a good sharer', strangers that they are 'lovely',  and showered me on a daily basis with 'I love you Mummy's. Does it get any better!?

But see, when Hubs told me he was going on a 5 day fishing trip, sans wife and child, I was probably less than impressed. And then when B4's Daycare Mum told me she was taking holidays at the same time, I was probably a teensy bit peeved about everybody else's fun plans that did not include me, or B4. But then, I made it through. Through the Easter Egg foil shoved up B4's nose, accidental headbutts, a royal wedding and a day of driving my mum around the coast (because I love her, and I actually don't really care what we're doing, so long as I see her once a week) with a fidgety four year old along for the ride. 
The most suprising thing (other than the fact that I made it through had a fabulous time), was that I actually didn't want hubs to come rushing home. See, B4 and I had gotten into such a cruisey routine that I was pretty sure things might come crumbling down with the third element of our family back in play. B4 loves to play us off each other, and sometimes Hubs is more like a distracted sibling that an authority figure, so it gets quite hectic on a day to day basis. Don't get me wrong, I missed Hubs like crazy. In theory...

So, adamant in keeping up the great progress made, I told encouraged Hubs to find his place amongst the flow and since then, things have managed to stay relatively great! 

Now back to my happy dance, B4 is back in care for 2 days! 2 WHOLE DAYS, to myself, to do what I please the housework, blog, Etsy, decorate and well actually, what I please! After two weeks with B4 by my side 24/7, I really need this, and also that girl's night I have planned for tomorrow :o)

So first on the list......definitely not housework, blah to that! It's blog time!

I had an 'Oops, I went shopping' moment yesterday, and you'll get to see the lovely treasures I brought home with me soon, but for now, an Inspired Reader aka My Mum, sent me through an email about her bedside drawer project, and I'd love to share it with you!

Cassie, You've inspired me and I took up the challenge!
One drawer...15 minutes...Voila!
My bedside drawer has been bugging me for a while but there were always more important things to do. But when I got a fingernail full of pawpaw ointment when reaching for something else in the drawer I decided enough was enough.
Everything looks OK here.

But here's my dirty little secret.

The contents were interesting...why 3 pegs? I don't know. White gloves...channeling Michael Jackson in my sleep? * These are actually artist's gloves, to avoid smudging as you work, but hmmm, not much use for them here!
I needed the pharmacy when I was undergoing treatment for cancer. Chemo and radiation are tough on the body...but that was two years ago!

This lot is headed straight for the bin!!!

And these are going back where they belong in the medicine cabinet.

and these belong elsewhere too!
A wipe out with Lavender Oil, some pretty paper

and containers to keep nail files, pens etc neat and I'd be proud to show anyone this drawer.
Do I have any more dirty little secrets......yeah, you bet, but they'll keep.

I am SO proud of my mum for tackling this little clutter magnet, it is truly amazing what we keep in our bedside drawers. I like to call it 'The end of the line', where all of the little things you've been carting around all day finally get turfed at your last stop of the day, BED! 
I especially loved the pretty paper used for lining the drawer, it so suits the utter 'girliness' of the room (that once was mine!)
Well I'm off to complete some more fun projects to build up in my 'to blog about' pile, and I suppose I'll get to that housework.....
Happy Thursday everyone!
xo Cassie


  1. Thanks for showing off my efforts, Blossie, I was proud and you inspired me (as you so often do).
    I'm glad you had such a great time with B4 and that things are not too shaken up with H's return. I'll miss you this Thursday but after I wore you out last week...I think a break was in order.

  2. I can totally relate to what you're saying about the fabulous conversation you can have with 4 year olds! I was nannying in the US for a year and took care of three kids, including a set of twins boys (they were 3 when I started), and man... they were hilarious and their comments still cracks me up all the time!

  3. My pleasure Mum xox

    Jannica, what a fun handful! Kids are so honest and say the things that adults have long forgotten how to express. Not too mention he still hasn't got his speech perfect, so some words come out as something very naughty! My favourite was when he was around 2 yrs old, and 'Digging Tractors' were 'Stinky F***ers'! He keeps my life very interesting! ;o)