She Builds a Dollhouse!

Time for a proper Thrift! To me, thrifting comes in all different shapes and forms, but in definition it is 'Wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality.' You've been patient (yet hopefully inspired!) with all of my organising projects, so I thought it was about time I threw in a true thrifty find...

During a trip to Cotton on Kids a little while ago, I stumbled upon one of those REAL bargains! I could hardly believe my eyes, because I had long since buried the dream of having a Dollhouse. Let's face it, I'm a 25 year old woman. Living in a house with 2 icky lovely boys. With no 'Girls Only' space to call my own (though Hubs might argue that I do a pretty good job of making it seem so...).

Actually, the first thing that caught my eye was a dinosaur that would make a perfect present for B4's upcoming Christmas present stash...

After seeing a $10 sale sticker, on what was originally a $39.95 item, we couldn't resist! We grabbed 3 in total because... *ThriftyTip* when you find a great item at a highly reduced price, consider whether you could use some more as presents in the future. It can save last minute gift sprees, or the embarrassment of having nothing on hand for a forgotten birthday!
However, what you see there, is not exactly 'what you get'. The Dinosaur and Dollhouse Plywood creations were a BIY (build it yourself) job! So, when a few weeks later I finally decided to treat myself to the dream Dollhouse (also at the ridiculously low bargain price of $10), this is how it all went...

Yes please!

Hell no RRP!

Hmmm, can't be too hard?

Only the bed was big enough for this job!

Couldn't bear to throw these pieces away, I am just so sure they will come in handy for some little crafty project, and it's all a part of being Thrifty!

Foundations are up!

Onto steadier ground. I did think at this point it started to resemble a girly toolbox?

Already seeing pretty things through my windows!

Taking shape, with an important element....

Coffee!!! It is right here that I will let you in on a little Cassie Quirk; When I see a cup of tea/coffee on tv, in print or in conversation...I WANT ONE! So, thanks to seeing this photo, I am now craving a coffee like it's the last thing I'll drink! But before seeing the pic.....nuthin. No craving. Am I the only one who has this quirky habit?

At this point, I realise the roof is on backwards. Oops.

Ah, much better!

Oh, how I wish my real roof was this pretty!

And....WE'RE DONE! But....I couldn't help but feel it all looked a little empty...lacking in the atmosphere department....

...so in went some dangerous pretty tealights, and voila! Instant swoon factor!

Again, wishing it could be a reality!

Hubs (an electrician by trade) couldn't believe my stupidity ingenuity as far as lighting was concerned...

..but I think it just looks picture perfect, and it gets lit up only on wistful occasions. I am totally in love, and my childhood dreams have been realised!
So, if there's something you've been wishing for, whether since childhood, or only recently: take some comfort in the knowledge that sometimes that dream is merely sittting in some unexpected nook, with a big orange Reduced sticker on it, waiting just for you!

xo Cassie

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  1. Love the comment about it resembling a girly toolbox! If you get bettery operated tealights - you can get some that flicker at save-on-crafts.com - would be less likely to burn the house down hehe