She Cleans, Declutters AND Organises!

Has it become apparent to you at this point, that although this blog is dubbed 'She Thrifts', I am particularly keen on posting about Decluttering and Organising?

This is because the dream that I am chasing gets closer with every project I complete. I am honing in on my skills and trying to push myself to learn new things everyday, because there are no courses to follow, or certificates to gain. You simply have to work hard and be good at what you do and prove yourself to be worthy of the title of 'Professional Organiser'. One day I hope for this accreditation!

So knowing this, I hope you will settle in and enjoy the journey with me (darn you reality TV for ruining that word), because whilst I thrift in every area of my life, this is where the heart of my drive comes from everyday and I can't help but let it creep into every crevice, much like the colour Turquoise!

So yesterday I devoted to my fridge. Poor fridge was feeling neglected, and it was about time I gave it some good lovin'....

This is how our little fridge looks from the outside (*ThriftyTip-bought second hand in near new condition!).

After reading this post over at Katrina's blog a few weeks ago, I got started on my freezer with some new containers.

Decor had some great ones with re-usable labels, which I have all through my pantry as well. The Decor range is great for a thrifty chick who can't stretch her budget to include Tupperware! Then I grabbed a couple of large rectangle containers from my local Stacks for $2 a pop, because we try to buy our meat in bulk and I needed to get the countless bags of meat under control!

The finished project that night, not too bad at all!

But I never did get to the fridge that day, and so yesterday was the day!

A few grocery shops since my freezer overhaul, and things were getting pretty higgledy-piggledy!

I am known to many as 'The Condiment Girl', I love my sauces, vinegars and pickles! But poor little fridge was struggling to house my collection :o(

I can't tell you how annoying that pink cap bottle was, not fitting under the shelf!

And although the freezer had seen vast improvements, I hadn't yet added this week's grocery shop to the mix...

My new system means that when I run out of a certain meat, I flip the label (attached with velcro dots) and am able to take a quick inventory when we need to write up a shopping list...

...and now all of this had to go away!

Flipping the labels back up so I know what's available for dinner!

Much better!

And I got rid of those pesky bottles and filled up with ones that DO fit nicely. The top shelf houses little leftovers and butter, nothing pretty to see here.

I moved on to the Deli section of the fridge, putting our new ham, crackers and cheese into their little homes; el cheapo, skinny, rectangle take away containers, that fit snuggly and keep everything neat and tidy. One day I'll borrow my sister-in-laws label machine to make it even easier for quick inventory.

After a mammoth clean out (too embarrassing for photo evidence, but I did recycle almost every container!), the condiment shelves are looking MUCH better!

What's that hiding behind my parsley tube?! Why, my wedding perfume of course! Isn't that where you keep yours?! Jokes aside, it is apparently the best way to keep your perfume fresh, and is a refreshing spritz in Summer!

Ta da! Much tidier, cleaner and far less aggravating!

I put B4's snacks into containers, put like items together and freshened up the produce drawer.

My other favourite containers, Sistema KLIP IT because they are airtight and have little partitions to keep like foods separated. Sometimes I chop up vegies for two meals and store them in here when I want to be on top of things!

Now let's play 'Identify This Object'? Any guesses?

Part of being thrifty and keeping to a budget means knowing what you already have. Now that my fridge is up to scratch, I can avoid buying things we don't need. Opting for takeout because you haven't thought about what you're going to eat that night is an easy trap to fall into. Especially if you are a mum, as this time of night is usually hectic and not the environment for an inspired cook!

So take a peek into your fridge today, and if this makes you want to run and hide, spend 15-30 minutes giving it a tidy and a purge so that you can be better prepared for the week ahead!

xo Cassie


  1. Fabulous post - will you come and do mine. As for the UFO (unidentified fridge object) do tell, or can't you remember?
    I always figure it's time for a clean out if they start talking to me.

  2. Oh, I do know ;o) This one hadn't developed facial features yet, but it had start crawling around...

  3. Hmmm...your UFO is very pretty. Could it once have been a capsicum??
    I must admit to becoming a little exhausted just reading about your decluttering. I do wish I had the same drive as you. The desire is there...just NO drive. Well done though, with your great efforts!! I'm kinda hoping that one day 'it' will grab me by the scruff of the neck and then propel me into doing my own decluttering, which is sorely needed.
    ps...feel free to 'follow' me in my green and white garden ;)

  4. Vicki, somehow your comment slipped by me! I thought I would get notifications about such things, but perhaps not!
    And....BINGO! We often save the little 'mini' capsicum (sometimes found on the inside of the normal one) for Ky who just loves Crunchy Bits! This poor little one got forgotten!
    One day, that drive will slap you square in the face! You will find yourself on the floor, surrounded by the contents of your bathroom cabinet, still in your PJ's (am or pm) manically purging and corralling everything within reach!
    One day..... ;o)