She Organises and Declutters

After a lovely family holiday to Stradbroke Island, it is taking me a full day to deal with the 'Holiday Comedown'! Inspiration is at a low, with seemingly hundreds of possible projects, but no clear plan of attack. That could have something to do with the 8 piles of holiday washing, and boxes waiting to be unpacked!

But I just couldn't bear another day without posting a little project, so here's something I did with a recent purchase to help organise my new desk space/floating shelves.

The Purchase: A file storage box from Officeworks for $9.99

This is what was inside after I threw a few things in there during 'the move'. And then i bought a set of 4 baskets from Kmart for $2. Cheaper than the Target option I was going to purchase at $7. Yay, this is why I research before making most of my purchases!

A nice fit (though I had wished I could fit 4 baskets lengthwise, they were a tad to long).

After a bit of playing around, and removing the spring loaded file holder (as best I could), everything fit nicely...

And there it sits on my shelves!

Sometimes it is the smallest jobs that make the biggest difference, especially when you just can't wrap your head around a big project! I am currently trying to figure out where I can possibly create a Wrapping Station, and the pieces of the puzzle are just not fitting! So I'm going to tackle a few more of these little projects, until the perfect solution slaps me right in the face! 

It always does, and it always brings such joy and relief, so let's look forward to that!

xo Cassie


  1. Mmmm wraping station shall I suggest another shelf matching underneath with one wrapping paper roll attached to wall just above and that way u just roll down what u need then cut * use a curtain rod for wraping paper then adjust to size and then the stoppers can be something beautiful that inspires u xxx

  2. I love your idea shimmerbaby! It would be a very practical idea indeed. But guess what?!?!? The perfect solution slapped me in the face yesterday! Stay tuned for more on that soon :o)
    xo Cassie