She Re-organises and Decorates

So often I find myself at the end of one project, only to have created another one! It's a domino effect, but I enjoy the constant change and improvement.

So when I re-purposed our $25 cabinet into a computer/storage space, I found myself without a 'desk' space. I mainly do my crafting projects and wrapping etc on our dining table (a post on that later!), so it really only needed to be large enough for a seat, and have some elbow space for writing out a note or filling out paperwork.

I had been lusting after some Ikea floating shelves for a VERY long time, and finally had the perfect need for them! After a little sweet talking the hubs, we figured out the new wall plan, and the budget to afford them. A big part of living well on a tiny budget is knowing how to budget long term and short term, and knowing that you can't always run out and make an impulse purchase (though on far too many occasions, I do just this!). So on our budget, we could afford 3 shelves over 6 weeks.

On our 'first shelf trip', we double checked the shelves for strength and ease of installment, and upon approval from hubs, we grabbed our first shelf and made our way to the checkouts. Now, the one place I love most in Ikea is not the storage section, though this may come as a shock to some of you. Oh no. It's the 'As-Is' section! This is where Ikea sells it's 'pre-displayed/pre-loved' items, often at a bargain price. And it was here that Hubs discovered two floating shelves at $12 ea! Normally retailing at $39.99, this was a TOTAL thirft! They had some minor scratches (not a problem when you have a toddler and know this is the inevitable fate of your furniture), and were black, as opposed to the black brown we had originally chosen. Not a big leap!

So, we were able to buy the 2 shelves at once and save our next shelf purchase for a few weeks away. Happy Hubs and happy Wife! Well happy Hubs until installment time the next day...He's not exactly a DIY/houseproud man. But he humours me and my whims most of the time, and it makes it even more special when he does things for me that he does not LOVE. Here is his handy work..

This brick wall is actually the original outer wall to the house we're attached to (another post, some other time). I love the interest it adds to an otherwise suburban fit out.

Such a satisfying feeling getting them up on the walls!
And this is what I hurriedly shoved on them  to get an idea of how they were going to be set up (more on the additional purchases for this space next time).
Another hole in the wall and I had my fab new Peg Hook up as well! I needed a new place for my handbag since it used to rest on the nest of Ikea stools (find similar here) before they got moved.
And then, as happens in the home of an avid decorator/oraniser, it has evolved over the last two weeks. A little home shopping (a thrifty trick to avoid new purchases, look at what you already have around the house) and some new stationery...
... then more home shopping and some rearranging, and it came up like this!
This letter stationery, though super cute and cheap at $4 for notepad and envelopes, ended up being upgraded to...
...these beautiful cards I found for $1 each! Strolling past the local florist, I spotted them and their super reasonable price tag!
Because I already had the brown address book (an absolute staple for a writing station!) I chose different shades of brown and blue when buying the cards. While there were plenty of other tempting colour combinations to choose from, I find it's more restful and pleasing to the eye to keep things coordinated in each zone of the house.
These were home shopped from earlier presents and purchases. A handmade heart is still my favourite shape for this fun gadget, a gift from my mum! The glass was a $1 opshop find.
A frame we received as a wedding gift, doilies recently purchased for $1 + 50c (intended for a craft project), a Fabric Flower necklace $7, down from $24.95 at Diva, and a precious little perfume bottle that I sometimes find a teeny flower for. Gorgeous display = PRICELESS! (especially when it's home shopped!)
A dainty blue peg I begged from B4 for it's perfect colouring! Thank you sweetheart, for indulging mummy! A bird cage cut form a large scrapbook sheet (which has now been cut up and used for multiple projects, with some still to spare!), and an Ikea jewellery tree (no longer available) strung with Ikea lights. All home shopped!
Think outside the square; This perfect scissor holder was intended for toothbrushes! This is one of my favourite re-purpose projects to date! It was purchased on sale some time ago, home shopped for this display!
These felt coasters are great for protecting my surfaces from my tealight obsession! a pack of 5 for $10 at Earthborn. And the blue jars were a recent purchase, made for this space, $4 each at Bed Bath n Table.
Oh, how these doilies please my eyes so!
On a birthday trip to DFO yesterday, I discovered an absolute GEM of a store for all of your stationery needs, 'Typo'. My new favourite, it is actually a Cotton On brand which I was suprised to find out on checking my receipt! I think they plan to take over the retail world, one store at a time! Though I didn't really need a bag for my 3 goodies, when the lady held up this paper satchel, I couldn't resist! I heart free things that look fab!
One of my Typo goodies! Aren't they just adorable!They will find a safer home soon. Oh and I've added an old Kikki K pencil case, previously used for my manicure supplies... It's still empty, but I know it will come in handy for something!
I rearranged the candles a little bit...
...honed in on a little crafting project I did to fit the space, my cute little clipboard covered with scrapbook paper...
...and hung a new favourite freebie, this GORGEOUS canvas tote that my Granny decorated and generously gave up to me!
Note to self ; Must hunt down a pretty flower for my perfume bottle today!
And there you have it! An up to date, totally fabulous (if I do say so myself!) new writing space!

It ties in with the turquoise accents of the new computer space, while dropping the red for a more peaceful zone.

What did you think? While I love the doilies, do you think they 'clutter' up the look? Should I add some of these, on rails between the shelves, to corral my pens and other stationery?
Next time, I'll fill you in on the details of my storage options in this space, and let you peek under the lids! And by then I may have even finished a little project I have on the go....

xo Cassie

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