Welcome! Take a look around...

Would you believe I have butterflies?

Not only is this my first Blog entry EVER. I am also welcoming you into my humble little abode, to take a look around and familiarise yourself with the place I call home! 

Opening your home for scrutiny to the wider web world is not for the faint hearted! But as I always say to my friends who love to visit, "I do it, because I love to see the smile on your face as you start to take in the little details, and I want you to feel at home."

As my readers, I would like for you too, to feel at home in this space, and to drop by for a cuppa and a catch up whenever you like! This is where we'll spend a lot of time, looking at different ways of thrifting/decluttering/organising, and just plain living well on a tiny budget!

So welcome to our little itty bitty home...

This was one of the first drafts of our house (which is actually an extension/granny flat). The only difference is the Bathroom/Laundry layout, in terms of the Linen cupboard and Bathroom entrance. Aside from that, what you see is what you get! 
On a sunshiney day, our back patio is a favourite place to be. This photo is a few months old now, and you'll be seeing updates on the patio soon!
The Hills Hoist! So lucky to have one of these :o)

Step right in! From our front door looking in on the Kitchen and dining area...

 ...which is shared with the loungeroom.

What's not to love about being able to reach the fridge from the dining table?? Some days the novelty of this is not so apparent!

A kitchen that is lovely and shiney new, but just that little bit tooooooo small. We happily make do though :o)

 Looking back towards the front door.

Oh and did I mention, it is actually a kitchen, come dining, come lounge, come COMPUTER room!? And the TV doubles as an artwork.

 That little doorway leads to B4's room, which I'll add pictures of soon. And this picture was taken a few days ago, before we installed some floating Ikea shelves on the brick wall.

 To the left is a peek of our boudoir...
We're heading to the right, into the boudoir, but to the left is the beginning of the laundry area.

A really fresh room, if a tad 'girly'. Sorry hubs!

My romantic Queen Anne furniture, in stark contrast to the very straight ebony furniture in the living area!

The double doors lead directly out to the back patio, which you've already seen. B4's room has a very similar layout, with the same doors, so the house feels quite airy and bright which I love!

Back out to the miniature 'hall', heading to the laundry and bathroom...

All the essentials!

There is a handy linen press on the left, and we're heading for the itty bitty bathroom!

Soooo itty bitty, that I keep things VERY plain and simple in here.

Unfortunately there was already a peach colour bath from a previous build that needed using in our place.

The little corner of the bathroom you don't see in the plans at top (in front of the loo). So glad it was designed this way or we would have had no place for my existing units!
I'll add the pictures of B4's room later on (silly me forgot a room!), but there you have it! So much of my thrifting begins and occurs in my home, and my constant need to shift, move and improve the things in the space means there is rarely a dull moment! 

If you'd like to see what's behind the closed doors, under the beds, in the drawers and everything else just a little closer, then stay tuned!! I'd love to share it with you!

xo Cassie

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  1. Hey Cassie, you have a very tasteful little abode here. Lovely colours and clean lines.
    You sure have a good eye.
    You might be interested in another new blog - about decorating, by a young lady like you. She doesn't have any kids yet though. Her blog is called 'Nestled' and you can find the link on my side bar under 'take a wander here'.
    Oh, and you might want to spell check the comments you've typed abou your computer room etc.
    Thanks for stopping by my green and white garden. Please feel free to leave a comment. Yes, yes, I LOVE comments!