She Shops!

Now, just because I'm a thrifter, don't be thinking that I am not like most other girls out there.....I loooooove to shop! There is really nothing like that buzz you get from a great day of shopping. Whether it's a spree, a birthday treat, just for a couple of necessities or even a grocery shop that leaves you inspired to cook yummy food, it just gives you such a boost!

Our family follows a rather strict budget, which has allowed us to save for our own wedding, a house deposit and buy me a totally fabulous car! I'll fill you in on the nitty gritty of The Budget soon. But as a basis for the way I shop, you should know I have a budgeted amount of personal money per fortnight, that covers any kind of personal shopping, home decor and leisure activities with friends. Hubs gets the same, and it suits us just fine. I have always said, the more money you have, the more you spend so it is really important that you know your boundaries. You want to be able to save for those really important things in the future while still being able to enjoy the life you're living in the present.

Part of enjoying the present for me is material pleasures. Surrounding myself with pretty things in our lovely home, dressing well and spoiling the people I love with precious treasures puts a smile on my dial! I have pretty expensive taste really, but I know my limits, so I search for high quality goods at reasonable prices that suit my budget. I am lucky enough to have time to research (I know the contents of an Ikea catalogue better than the back of my hand), and that helps me to get what I want in the long run.

There are those particular stores where it's a given that it's already at rock bottom dollar, so those tend to be my favourites, and you'll find they crop up a lot in my blog. Not because I'm getting paid, but because I believe they should be rewarded in return for spoiling me!

So here are some of the recent purchases that made my heart flutter and my wallet lighter...

Gotta love a purchase with more than one use! I found these beautiful smelling candles at Spotlight on the reduced table. The have a burn time of 16hrs, and when they finally go out, I'll be left with adorable glass canisters for my 'Make-Up Station Make Over' (more on that soon!). At a bargain price of $4, these babies will be with me for years!

Some gorgeous scrapbook paper is great to have on hand for decor projects. I already have plans for these lovelies, found at Spotlight for a little over $1 each.

Oh Trade Secret, I heart you so! I have been pining for some preppy sneakers for yonks, and when I saw these cuties for $12.95 I jumped on them! Recommended retail was $39.99, hell no RRP! I'll have mine on the cheap thank you!

Love the salmon detailing!

It's becoming blatantly obvious that I have fallen madly in love with the colour Turquoise. It is rapidly creeping into all of my rooms, no matter how hard I fight it! These darling candle jars were found at Bed Bath and Table for $3.95 each. Done!


I love finding a classic piece of clothing that I feel comfortable AND sexy in. I found this LBD at Trade Secret for $16.95!! So I bought it in cream as well! Sans belt (no favours there), the dress is figure hugging heaven with an innate ability to smooth lumps and bumps. I want to buy 20 of each so I will have them forever more!

I love finding bargains in generally overpriced stores, and this was a tiny find in Myer while on the hunt for stationery supplies. Made of rubber (!) it is totally tactile and gorgeous, and it quickly found a home on my fridge...

...and has since housed a birthday wish list, and a photo of me and hubs. Hmmm...I wonder if they have any left....?
And being that B4 was with me at the time, and is absolutely obsessed in love with trains, we had to grab this great little sharpener and eraser train! Both the train and the frame were even further reduced than shown on their clearance stickers, so it was happy days for B4 and I!
Does little boy's stationery come any more adorably functional!?

And my most recent heart fluttering bargain came when I found this yearly planner in Typo for $2!!!!!

It was just too perfect, with it's colour, functionality and perfect timing for this newly organised gal!

You already know I'm sure, that birds and their cages have a place in my heart home! And I'm already thinking of ways to refurb it for next year, because how on earth could I possibly part with it in 2012!?

The best thing about all of these gorgeous things, is that they were all purchased at a reduced cost, meaning I could get the thrill of a spree while staying well within my budget. You don't have to settle for boring surroundings, just because you want to save money. Just keep your little little eyes peeled for those bargain treasures!

xo Cassie

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  1. You make me wish we could shop together more often than we do. Love your blog and I am folowing you-oo-oo-oo.