She Declutters

Today it is rainy and, some might say, miserable. But B4 and I like to think differently! 

B4 is going to snuggle up on the couch and log some serious 'moobie' hours, and I'm going to log some blog time! The days have been getting away from me lately, and I haven't been able to post as frequently as I'd like to. 

See, my posts are generally fueled by the images I capture, and if my images aren't up to scratch, it takes quite a while to get a great post together, and I often begin typing up a post only to realise that I really need more photos to complete the story. One day I'm sure I'll be far more organised and able to pump out posts like a well oiled Bloggin' Machine, but for now, please be patient with my sporadic bursts of genius. Ha. Kidding.

Today's post is really just a little catch up on something I told you I would do weeks ago, and although I'm sure you aren't keeping tabs on me, I do get annoyed with myself when I don't finish up a project. Especially such a quick one as this! But before I show you, I want you to promise me something. Pausing here for your affirmative reaction... Good, glad you're up for it! 

Today I want you to spend 5 mins (even a little more, but you probably won't need much more) tidying up a drawer. Any drawer really; kitchen, dresser, bathroom or other, it doesn't matter to me. Just pick on that's been bugging you. You know, the one you keep avoiding because when you open it, it's simply to retrieve something you need in a hurry, and well you 'just don't have time right now to deal with it'. You know you have one six? I know I do, because all of my recent decluttering projects have occurred inside a drawer! You'll get to see them all over the next week or so, but first off, here's the top drawer in my kitchen that I said I'd get to way back when...

Remember it looked like this, and I wasn't happy with the right hand side, or the 'spoon' section.

So I pulled out all the bits I wasn't happy with, and sorted them into groups...

On the left - items to be re housed that really didn't need to be immediately accessible, or had simply migrated from some irrelevant area of the house. In the middle - things that needed to stay right where they were, but in a more organised manner. To the right - two useless lighters that wouldn't hold any gas, long overdue for the bin.

Aw, Eggy! The perfect size whisk, and he makes me smile!

One of the main problems with this drawer is how everything slides to the back now matter how many times I pull everything forward. So I grabbed some of this No-Slip mat (available from most cheapy shops in their kitchen section)...

...and cut it to size.

All ready for the junk useful utensils to go back in! Oh and I also got rid of some old baby spoons and smoothie straws from my spoon section for good measure!

This is about as neat as it gets, but at least now I can be sure they will all stay in place no matter how many times I open and close the drawer. The utensils are pretty self explanatory, but for your interest - the chalk is for my chalkboard wall decal and the bamboo stick is for lighting my hundreds of candles, as is the lighter and matches.  Much better! If I had a great photo editing program (I don't have any), I would put a before and after pic together, but you can just scroll up and down to compare the difference :o)

And this is what my kitchen looks like all the time.

In my dreams.

So now, off you go, find a drawer to overhaul and see how it makes you smile every time you open it thereafter! I promise it will take less time than you think!

xo Cassie


  1. Mmmmm, now which drawer would I pick? Maybe the one with all the caketins I no longer get to make cakes in?

  2. I've found the perfect drawer for you...my bedside one...it is seriously icky. Up for the challenge?

  3. Absolutely! With a few containers to coral the troops, we'll have it set in no time at all!