She Declutters and Gets a Little Crafty!

The thing I really love about organising (and decorating) is that you can always go a bit further. A few months ago, I thought I had things pretty well under control and looking good. Then I discovered some amazing Organising Blogs, where the lovely ladies behind the posts were going above and beyond to keep their homes in tip top, and gorgeous shape.

Since that eye opening discovery, I have been like a mini tornado, spinning around our little house looking for the next victim area to spruce up. Some days I can't find enough hours to complete the projects I want to do, and other days I can't seem to find my mojo (it's probably hidden in an unorganised cupboard) and things slow right down. 
One thing I can count on, is that after a slow run, the itch to organise comes out of nowhere and has me wanting to scratch madly, much like Baloo!

And this particular itch could only be scratched with some re-organisation in the bathroom drawers....

We have two drawers under our bathroom sink, a Hers and a His (woman on top), and we have always just chucked in some necessities without much thought as to how it all looks. I had made a little effort in my drawer, with some cheap plastic divider boxes from Aldi, and some other random organisers, and therefore mine wasn't a total disaster area. But to be honest, I had pretty much left Hubs to his own devices...until the last 2 months of organising fury!

It doesn't even look that bad in this shot, but that's what I mean about going a bit further! It's easy to think you've got things under control if your home doesn't look like a case straight from Hoarders, but have another look...could it be better? I knew ours could be, so I got right to it!

I cleaned mine out....general grime and those yukky stray hairs!

And then got to work on Hubs' drawer, totally uncharted territory, and even more stray hairs!
Our 'stainless steel' drawer handles were looking pretty stained grrr, so out came my favourite Gumption and Ratty Old Toothbrush combination (I have been known to Gumption everything from tile grout to sneakers!), and although the results weren't amazing...

...it was still an improvement. Left=Gumptioned, Right=UnGumptioned.

With the insides wiped nice and clean, the drawers were ready for something I've been wanting to try...

First I got out my trusty mini measuring tape, and measured the base of the drawer.

Then, mostly because I was too impatient to go and buy something I really loved (but also 'cos I'm 'sposed to be Thrifty!) I settled on this wrapping paper I already had plenty of, to line our drawers!

The first cut was a little off, but some stanley knife action took care of that!

Not perfect (my closest friends can vouch for my annoying attention to the tiniest of details), but I guess the fact that I wasn't totally in love with the dark paper meant that I could care less at this point. I think I'll get some lighter and brighter paper at a later date :o)

This is all of the rubbish that I was able to turf from Hubs' drawer! Empty deodorant can, unused razor holder, moldy old toothbrush, two empty razor refills and their empty box, a duplicate comb, and some totally random screws. You would be forgiven for thinking there wasn't a bin FOUR FEET from this drawer!

Ta Da! The things missing from this drawer that have to go back in: the toiletries bag that seriously needed a fumigation wash, and a new can of deodorant to replace the empty can I chucked out. *Oh how I hate taking photos inside on gloomy days :o( Flash is not my friend*

This is what I purged from my own drawer- broken and blunt nail files, blunt buffer, wedding lipstick mix,very old lipgloss and lipstick that had separated, toothpicks for fixing up nail polish bloopers, yukky perfume sample, and really... it's about time for some not-so-gross toe dividers!

Ta Da! Similar set up, but everything is clean and regrouped, and I still love my old toothbrush holder for corralling my nail scissors, thermometer and nail file!
I dragged Hubs into the bathroom on his arrival home, and I'm sure he thought he was going to get a 'shared shower' or something equally as exciting. Imagine his disappointment when I gestured at the closed drawers instead. 

To give him credit, he did put on quite a show of being impressed and happy with my efforts ;o)

After the efforts on the drawers, I should probably revisit the bathroom cupboards as well......

xo Cassie


  1. chuckle, chuckle, now seeing as he was nice enough to get excited about your drawers, you really should give him some play time with the others ... ;o)

  2. I love when everything is all clean and organized! I love the paper you line them with too.

    {also, thank you for the iframe error info . . . I think it has to do with the facebook "like" buttons :( I'll try to figure out how to fix them}

  3. Hi Maegan, it's so lovely to 'have you around to my place'! I spend so much time at yours that it only feels natural :o) Thanks for looking into the iframe errors, I would love to be able to log onto your page with ease! Loving every post you do, and can't wait to see the Dressing Room 'complete' (inverted commas, because you and I know that change is a constant!)