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Sometimes I try to keep this house fairly...unisex? Sometimes. And then there are the times when I think 'to hell with it!' I'm the only one who cares about the decor (unless you count B4's penchant for Thomas and other licensed paraphernalia), so sometimes I end up Girling It Up a bit!

With all of this jewellery re-arranging I've been doing this week, I saw another opportunity to make something gorgeously girly and functional!!

After a trip to Diva during the week, I had come home with 10 new pairs of earrings...Oops! For $12.95 (similar to this pack)! Though I knew that I desperately sort of needed the new assortment of bling, I hadn't really thought about where I was going to put it all. Despite my two jewellery boxes, I couldn't imagine them sitting pretty amongst the others. Part of what drew me to them in the first place, was the romantic colour palette of blush, nude, pink, white and crystal. If I mixed them in with everything else, they would loose their softness, and I wouldn't be as inclined to wear them.

So, I put them here!

This beautiful lace-look tealight holder was something my mum had found no use for in her own home, so I took it in, not really knowing what it would be good for, but just knowing it could be good. Eventually it migrated towards the bedroom, and then it started collecting precious things. The 3 pairs of earrings on the left got there first; A ridiculously cute pair of ornate chairs from one of my dearest girlfriends on her trip to Europe, my wedding earrings (a story further down on those) and a pair of chandelier earrings I bought for myself, just because.

Then came the soft, romantic blossoms; the brown organza flower with the pretty stamen was handmade by my Granny, and placed on top her gift to us on our wedding night. To the right of it, the tatted piece was once a part of the same flower, but just the other day got put on a tulle ring instead. The dusty rose bobbies I picked up from another great cheap store, Cosmetics Plus, and on the left...

A gorgeous, big silk blossom from Diva. Every time I go to wear it in my hair, I end up putting it back as it really is too big for everyday wear. But I would happily have it sit on my dresser for ever more because I think it is just lush!

Gratuitous macro photos...



Are these not the most adorable chairs you've ever seen??

The infamous wedding earrings! I had bought these months in advance after falling in love with their art deco style and vintage appeal, knowing that they would go perfectly with any dress I was yet to choose. They hung around for months, waiting patiently for the big day, and then POOF! They just plain disappeared! I was distraught, having only noticed their absence a few days before the Big Day. Low on remaining funds, and not able to find anything as beautiful to replace them with, the morning of the B.D., I was totally earring-less. My bridesmaids borrowed my car to go and have their do's done, and on their arrival back, I noticed something sparkly hanging off the butt of one of my girls. "What's that?" I said. "Wow, some poor girl must have dropped her earring at the hairdressers, and you've sat on it!" I said. "Hmph, that's like the style earring I really wanted to wear today." I said sulkily. "Wait a minute......come here..... that IS the earring I was going to wear today!!!" A few confused excited moments later, the girls retrieved the matching earring from the backseat of my car, where it had been lost and forgotten, on the particular side I had made my bridesmaid sit, because she had spilt icecream there the week before and it stank. Paybacks are a b*tch?

Soft champagne colours are so divine!

Thank you Diva for all of these little affordable preciouses!

Next to the earrings, sits my favourite moisturiser ever (which I would link you up to, but it has since been discontinued, boo). I splurged on this after returning from our honeymoon at the EcoAsis where they totally spoiled us with an assortment of Mor products to try at our leisure. I love the bottle, most of all, because it's refill-able! Great for thriftychicks who don't want to replace a $50 bottle of moisturiser! I'll probably fill it with an old, cheap favourite once I've used up all the good stuff! Oh, and on top sits my Grandfather's signet ring, and a little key charm rescued from an old tacky 21st gift box that got overhauled in the bedside table declutter.

I absolutely adore my little cluster of romance, and I can't think of a prettier use for what was once an unwanted tealight holder!
Oh, and after I took the first few photos, I found these pretty pebbles which I then added to help the flowers nestle in a bit better...

.. It's all about the detail for me and the pebbles are so subtle but perfect!

This sits on the other side. I have a deep love for mustard colours, and I jumped on this little dish at an op shop one day because it was just too perfect! For something..... Which ended up being our Wedding Wish cards, and my handmade wedding garter!

Have you got something lying around that would make a unique display area for your precious treasures? Touches like this really make a house feel like a home to me. I could never rock the minimalist look, no matter how hard I tried!

Coming up soon, I have an exciting project to reveal! You'll have to stay tuned if you'd like to see the results of a big Decluttering Session I did with a close friend....

xo Cassie


  1. Thank you! I love doing the purely pretty posts!