She Made It

I love to create. Using my hands and my mind to create beautiful things is a pastime that brings me great joy. Sometimes, in the case of the Etsy store I share with my talented Mum, Twisted Whimsey, it even brings others joy when they find a special piece they just can't live without.

When I'm not creating for our Etsy store, I love to make things for my nearest and dearest, and for my home. You will often find me whipping up a last minute gift (I am the world's biggest procrastinator!) or a new bit of decor to warm the heart and home. These are some of the things I've created in the past to give our place that handmade touch... Please excuse the photo quality, I have come a long way in the last year, I hope!

A paintbrush and paint + some cereal boxes + old photo frames + Google Images = Home thrifted, handpainted bird silhouette originals!

Sometimes I feel like a caged bird, and sometimes I feel like I'm free to take flight...

The possibilities are endless when creating you own art, and with some inspiration or reference from an image you love (but maybe can't afford) you will end up with something you can be really proud of.

An old frame + black paint + varied and coordinating papers + scissors and glue = Home thrifted, tactile art.
I plan to do this on a larger scale, one day!

And another little handpainted silhouette. This now lives amongst my ever growing wall of frames, and the bluebirds now live....
...on this wall! I love all of the little turquoise treasures in this spot, and apparently, the birds are my mum's favourite!
So if you haven't quite got the funds to stretch to a handmade piece created by somebody else, or you've seen something that made you think 'I could do that!' then why not get crafty, and see what you can come up with, all by your little talented self!?!

xo Cassie

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