She Finds Thrifty Treasures!

A special title for a special kind of shopping experience. The one you don't expect to have, in a place you don't expect to have it. 

Family 'Fun-Sun-Day' is the name I've given to those wonderful Sundays where you no plans but have fun with your family. Having been an only child, with all of my relatives at least one state away, my childhood family days were just about Us3 (Mum, Dad and I) and that was all kinds of fun, but in a very close knit way. 

Since meeting Hubs, things have changed and I have acquired a rather decent sized extended family. A couple of brothers and their partners, and some gorgeous nephews have changed my world. I am now far more likely to be found at a family BBQ or playing with the littlies, than sitting at home watching a DVD, and I love this!

So last Sunday, a few of us jumped in the car to a fabulous, cheap Family Fun-Sun-Day at Bracken Ridge Train Day. The kids got to ride the trains, and we got to pig out on eat the freshest, hottest and yummiest doughnuts in Brisbane! I had completely forgotten about the little market stalls until we got there, but as soon as I walked past the first one I spotted two treasures I just had to have (I'll post about the second treasure in another post)...

There, in amongst some old mismatched tupperware, torn books and tarnished cutlery, was this not-so-little beauty! Originally from Freedom, a store I have only once stepped foot in years ago, this piece was intended to hold fruit. Now, I have never been able to maintain a decorative fruit selection for  more than two days. I mean, it's food! It is intended for consumption, and you can't always have 16 perfectly shiny green apples at hand....can you?

But I had other intentions, and this was going to be perfect!

As happens with new purchases and projects, the 'domino effect' begins. I had to have a home for my new treasure, and since I am no fan of dusting, I wanted it to be contained inside something. Enter this poorly used 'something' draw. I can't even really identify the purpose of it's contents anymore.

So I condensed the previous items and moved them to new homes, so that I could have this draw for.....


It was working out quite nicely...

..but it was just not quite what I was envisioning.

And then I remembered my newly filled Bling Box, and how I wanted to re house some trinkets that used to live on...

...this pinboard, which no longer had a home since our Desk Area Changeover. So I got to work on un-pinning all of the little treasures on here, and moved them to their new home.

Ta Da!! Now this is what I was envisioning!

All of my beautiful treasures look simply divine in their new home!

Op-shopped ring $1.

Diva earrings $2.

Op-shopped brooch $2.

Diva earrings $2.

Op-shopped earrings$1.

Op-shopped and found earrings 50c.

A gifted brooch from my beautiful mum.

Op-shopped (one of a pair of earrings) $1.

Op-shopped (and I believe hand made with tiny petals of leather) $2.

Op-shopped earrings 50c.

And this is how it looks all the time now! Though it might have been nicer to have the Bling Box elsewhere, I am happy with it cuddling my 'Fruit Holder' in this draw to keep my bedroom dresser looking less cluttered.
I am soooo in love with this purchase and the best part about it.....it set me back a whole $3!!!!!! That is why I LOVE thrifting, especially at random market stalls, in unexpected places. It totally made my Sunday, along with a healthy dose of this....

Stacks On Aunty Cass!
Introducing handsome & happy B4 <3 !

xo Cassie


  1. Thanks Clare, it was a fun one to write up :o)

  2. OMG! What an incredibly talented, creative & beautiful young lady! I am so deeply inspired by your lines & visuals, thank you xxx my best wishes to you, hubs & b4! Off to thrift now..

  3. Thank you Vanessa! I love to inpsire, just as much as I love finding inspiration for myself! Happy thrifting!! xo