A Quick Thrift!

I have recently gone nuts for bowls, and I blame Jen over at IHeartOrganising! She uses them for all manner of things in all areas of her home, and since seeing the possibilities, my beady little eyes have been on the look out for some to bring home.

So imagine my delight when I found these beauties at my local IGA (of all places!!) for bargain markdown prices!

59c each!!! No way! In turquoise??? You must be joking!

Too cute!

Hmmm, what to fill them with?

And a week later, these 3 little lovelies appeared in a bargain markdown section, for less than a buck each!

Golly gosh, is it silly to have heart palpitations over bowls? Don't answer that!

And just wait till you see where I put these little guys. I just started our laundry makeover (coming soon to SheThrifts), and these guys are going to corral those annoying 'Pocket Findings' for each member of our little family (thank you Jen!). I really wanted to claim the blue bowl as my PFB, but I doubt either of my boys would be happy getting stuck with purple :o( Can't win them all...
Have you suddenly realised a strong attraction toward bowls and their possibilities? Do you already have a bit of an obsession, sorry, love for these useful little hold-alls? They aren't all destined for a life of 2 minute noodles!

xo Cassie

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