A Quick Thrift!

Far too frequently, I am guilty of telling Hubs we are heading to our local mall "just to grab one thing, and I know exactly where it is", only to end up "just popping in" to multiple shops that just happen to be en route to our destination. In my defense, I really can't help it, I am a serious multi-tasker and I just can't let an opportunity to hunt for more thrifts pass me by. But if I didn't put Hubs through this pain process on a regular basis, we I would miss out on bargains like these....

Bed Bath and Table were having 20% off on their Easter decor (despite the fact that Easter still hasn't occurred) and that was just the excuse I needed to nab these gorgeous little birds I'd been eyeing off for the last few weeks! Originally $1.50, I got all 5 for $5.50, absolutely thriftiliscious! Too much?

They are made from some sort of thin cut balsa wood or something, and I'd like to use them as hanging labels for some of my storage baskets. Thinking outside of the intended use for an item is what gives your home those special and unique touches that others will swoon over.

A 'quick look' around Myer saw me coming away with a bargain stapler, which I desperately needed after busting my pink one only days before. See that receipt?!?! 93 cents!! Hell No RRP! I get the greatest satisfaction walking away with a purchase from Myer at a ridiculously marked-down price, considering that Myer is the most ridiculously overpriced outlet I know of.

A turquoise stapler is so much cuter than a pink one!
Yay for heavily reduced RRP, and for hubbies that indulge their wifies!

xo Cassie


  1. I want to see the birdies in action!

  2. Yeah, to that , from another indulged wiffey!
    and I like your idea with the birds.