She Inspires!

Nothing makes my day like an inspired reader! Recently I challenged you to get your hands on a problem drawer and make it work better and harder for you, and one of my lovely readers Kirsti took up the challenge with glee! Here's what she sent to me, get ready to be inspired!
Dear She Thrifts,
I just wanted to write to you and let you know your challenge was accepted!!
I tackled (the much overdue for a clean out!) bathroom drawers after reading you blog.

I only ever seem to find the time to get to these kinds of chores at Christmas and Easter. So four months after my last spring clean, this was the state of my drawers!!

Kirsti would not be the first girl or the last to be faced with this during her morning routine!

Another cosmetic nightmare, but look out, this girl's on a mission!

Being Easter Holidays, the shops were not open to source some new containers/organisational boxes, jars or the like....so I turned the house upside down trying to find more uses for things I had!! I still need to find some things to keep my makeup in place! It won;t stay like that for long!

And well....ta da! 

Awesome work Kirsti! It looks like you had a good purge, and maybe even re-housed some items that didn't need to make their home in your drawers anymore!? My favourite part has to be grassy lined trays that you used on the second drawer, they look totally fresh and clean.  And my second favourite, the way you didn't let a little detail like the shops being closed stop you from achieving a small miracles! House shopping is one of my favourite thrifty solutions to an empty wallet (or a public holiday!).
As for your other makeup, Ikea have a great product for us girls who love to have a variety of cosmetics, and it could just be the perfect solution for your top drawer! 

The Godmorgon Box is the perfect solution for all those pesky little tools, tubes and assorted cosmetics that fly around the place. At $20 it is a great investment piece for an organised life! I can even see this being handy in a desk or craft zone! I recently purchased some of the containers from the Godmorgon range and used one of the pieces in my bedside drawer to corral my bra straps.

If you have been inspired by one of my posts or recent challenges, please send me through a message with some before and after snaps so that I can share them. It gives me such a thrill to see the changes people are making around their home to improve their quality of life

xo Cassie


  1. Dearest miss thrift,
    may I suggest something to your challenge accepting reader? I use those matt things that u are ment to use under rugs in my kitchen draws. My mum always tends to have off cuts of it. It's like the rubber cloths u can get to help open jars. And actually. If it is a small makeup draw maybe just some jar opener cloths would be the right size... That would keep your make up from sliding and you can get them in lots of colours from woolies or crazy clarks. Hope this helps!
    Waiting eagerly for the next thrift.

  2. Great idea Sammy! I just used some non slip mat in my kitchen drawer declutter, and it works a charm!